Workshops and groups give you opportunity to discuss topics and issues with other people.  Brian offers a number of workshops.

The Footprints of Fatherhood – take a look at the things that dads do to leave a lasting legacy for their children.

On The Same Page: Partners in Parenting – kids need their parents working together on key issues, like trust, boundaries, and expectations.

Marriage Tune-up –  Sometimes our cars get more regular maintenance than this important relationship with our spouse.  Busy lives make it hard to have truth-filled conversations about our marriages.   Couples can discover new things about their marriages as they develop strategies to grow in understanding and love for each other.

Marriage Preparation – engaged or considering becoming engaged?  These are perfect times to take a look at the meaning of marriage and the principles that a healthy marriage are built upon.

Definitive Discipline – have some conversations about the key things necessary to guide your children’ hearts.


If you are interested in these or other related topics (personal growth, parenting, family life, etc.), please contact Brian –


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